Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Much Have We Spent Fighting Terrorism???

The easy answer to that question is about 3 Trillion dollars since 9/11. To put that in perspective approximately  2989 people died in the attacks, some reports say more, some say less. No other people have died within our borders from acts of terrorism since. It has been just under 10 years and when you average the numbers out it works out to about 300 people a year. Flip the coin back to the cost, 3 trillion divided by 10 is 300 billion divide that by 300 people works out to a BILLION DOLLARS spent per person killed per year for 10 years. More people are killed crossing the street each year then this.

The other way we have paid is with our privacy and personal freedoms. The Patriot Act, Homeland security, The TSA, and other existing government entities that have been beefed up and all of them are protecting you for your own good whether you need/want it or not. So, the next time you are being groped by a TSA  agent or your privacy is being trampled on by the feds remember the more freedom you give away in the name of security, the deeper the government will delve into your everyday life.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cops Given the Right to Access Your Cell Phone in Many States.

Everyone has that one friend that emails or texts you things that you don't want. Be it a chain letter that promises doom to those who will not forward it to five other people or a picture of some young college coed doing things that would not make her parents proud.
Now imagine this scenario. Your driving down the highway, your wife is supposed to text you the address of your daughter's friend's house so you can pick your child up from a sleepover. Your phone chimes you sneak a peek  to see if it is the text you are expecting, it is not, the text is from your work buddy Simon. You put the phone down and suddenly you see blue lights in your rear-view mirror you promptly pull over and wait for the police officer. Officer Smith walks up to the car requests the standard information: license, registration, and insurance which your promptly provide and he lets you know he is pulling you over for texting and driving. You offer your explanation stating you were just checking the phone and that you never sent any messages. He demands to see your phone. You ask why because you think it would be against your right to privacy and he lets you know to hand over the phone or that he will take you to jail and impound your car.
Shaken at the harshness of Officer Smith's words you let him have the phone. He spends a minute or two going through you personal info and then asks you to step out of the car. Before you know it you are in cuffs in the back of a police cruiser being read your rights. Turns out the text Simon sent you, The one you never opened was a picture of a young looking porno actress doing something quite interesting to a cucumber. The officer believes the picture is of someone underage and  is arresting you for child pornography you protest that you never even opened that text but it falls on deaf ears. YOU ARE BEING ARRESTED........

The above story could be an extreme case but I wouldn't want to take the chance. Florida, California, Michigan, and Oregon courts have all affirmed the right of police to go through your phone with out a warrant, below is the link from CNN.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swat Team Called In For Student Loans!?!?

Stockton Ca: Kenneth Wright looked out his bedroom window early Tuesday morning and In front of his house are over a dozen police officers. Still in his boxers he makes his way downstairs for a closer look as a SWAT team literally breaks down his door, grabs him by the neck, drags him out to the front lawn, puts a knee in his back and throws him in a squad car. Kenneth’s three young children ages 3, 7, and 11 are then roused out of their beds and detained with their father for 6 hours in the back of a Stockton Police cruiser.

Was this man a drug dealer, a terrorist, a dangerous felon? No, he had the bad luck of being married to his estranged wife who had defaulted on her student loans. There was a search warrant issued for his address where she no longer lives.

This is another example of the over use of force that is becoming more and more common in America today. If they can do this over student loans what’s next sending in the Marines for unpaid parking tickets, or public execution if you can not pay your back taxes.


I hope the Goverment doesn't start to issue credit cards we will have to build new jails.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

US Gives Free Money To Debt Holders

Why does The United States of America Provide foreign aid to countries we are indebted to. This seems illogical, you wouldn’t give your mortgage company money to help out when They are struggling. Why then would the USA do this to the tune of billions of dollars at a time when our debt is at the highest level it has ever been??? 

Below is a chart of the counties we owe billions of dollars to. This is the Link http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/data-chart-center/tic/Documents/mfh.txt

I look at Israel,Egypt,Columbia, Mexico and many other coutries that are on both lists and it baffles the mind

Friday, June 3, 2011

Is Arab Spring History Repeating itself???

I was watching the news coverage about the “Arab Spring” and it reminded me of all the coups in Latin America in the 80s. I was younger and more naive when I learned about those overthrows and The United States involvement. I dug a little deeper and was shocked and surprised:

1980 El Salvador

Archbishop Oscar Romero was assasinnated by the US installed government for being a popular figure and critic of the military dictatorship. Civil war erupts.The rebels are known as FMLN - a left-wing group. The US offers a massive amount of monetary support to the El Salvador dictatorship to fight the rebels.Among the tactics that the US is suspected of using is the creation of Slavadoran death sqauds. A unit of specially trained police to eliminate both rebel and civlian opposition.

The Below link is to the BBC and tells the story of the US of A and El Salvador and there is a Ton of other evidence out there about the trained death squads and assassinations and other covert black ops but the mainstream media overview is bad enough.


1981 Iran-Contra

The Iran-Contra Affair: The below link is from Chris Lewis a PH.D at The University of Colorado all this is well documented else where but I like the simple time line Dr. Lewis Provides. A very brief overview of the affair for those who may need a refresher we sold weapons to militant Muslim extremist in exchange for various things including releasing hostages and then used the proceeds from those sales to fund wars in Central America.


1983 Honduras Battalion 3-16

In this the CIA provides training and support. They even give Honduran military officers the Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual – 1983, which teaches how to torture people. Honduras’ notorious "Battalion 316" then uses these techniques, with the CIA’s full knowledge, on thousands of leftist dissidents. At least 184 are murdered


1986 Haiti NIS

The CIA poured millions into the NIS from its founding in 1986 to the 1991 coup. A 1992 DEA document describes the NIS as a covert counter-narcotics intelligence unit which often works in unison with the CIA. Although most of the CIA’s activities in Haiti remain secret, U.S. officials accuse some NIS members of becoming enmeshed in the drug trade. A U.S. embassy official in Haiti told the New York Times that the NIS was a military organization that distributed drugs in Haiti


1989 Invasion of Panama, codenamed Operation Just Cause

This is also well documented. Noriega the dictator in Panama was on The Cia’s payroll since 1966 and when relationships soured in the 80’s he needed to be fired but instead of a pink-slip we invaded with 27000 troops.


Makes me wonder What is really happening in the Middle East and if all the billions we spend in foreign aid is really part of the CIA's Operations budget

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

44 Million People On Food Stamps

I saw this today and I was shocked. Basically 1 in 7 people are at or below the poverty line. This is not a judgement against those who receive assistance. I know a percentage of people may be abusing the system and some are lifers that depend on the government like a child but I know the majority are people that are just down on their luck. I want this to be more of a statement of how far we have fallen. We the people need to stand up and demand we get our country back. The gap between the haves and have nots is greater then ever and  if we keep going at this rate we are going to have a caste of super wealthy and the poor. No middle class, the back bone of this nation, just large soulless corporations and the working stiffs that they stand on. Small businesses are dying out, higher education cost are through the roof, and just try to find a decent manufacturing job. Things need to change and soon I feel we are at a tipping point. 


And if things don't change I guess I will see you at Wal-mart

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have Gun Will Travel, Except in New Mexico

The New Mexican Supreme Court has issued a decision that states a officer can confiscate a gun out of your car for any reason even if no laws have been broken. This is another example of our rights being taken from us an inch at a time in the name of safety.

This law is like putting a sign saying "Welcome Carjackers" underneath the you are entering New Mexico sign